Making Campaigns and Canvassing more Efficient with NGP VAN Software

During campaigns, large sums of money are spent to persuade voters to turn out and vote for given candidates, such as the $6.4 billion used in 2016. This is not inclusive of the hundreds of hours spent by volunteer staff during campaigns. Door-to-door canvassing, NGP VAN reports, has been one of the most commonly used technique in campaigns with a significant number of canvassing operations being carried out. Voters mingle with political candidates, non-profit organizers and religious groups on their front door as these people outreach to voters.

How efficient are campaign funds allocated? Does door-to-door canvassing get existing voter to vote, and does it attract new voters? These and other questions can serve as a good starting point for campaign staff in making every campaign fund worth it, even as they seek to attract votes from their opponents.

Due to social media and online platforms effect on socialization and connection, campaign staff has to be wary of the increase in partisanship among voters. The number of voters in the middle of the Republican and Democratic voters is 39%.

Democratic Party campaigns have adopted innovative and efficient campaign organization software from NGP VAN. The firm has developed canvassing tool that increases its efficiency by identifying voters who are not hardened, refocusing time and energy on strategic door knocking. NGP VAN also helps speed up printing routes, organization volunteers and preparing volunteers schedules by using NGP VAN’s MiniVan straightening the whole process. The minivan is a free Android and iOS mobile app that provides voter contact info, routes, and scripts for canvassers, and uploads the same to the campaign database, saving on paperwork and data sifting.

Cutting turf involves making walk lists and maps which is tedious for campaign staff. Their advantage is that NGP VAN has developed a Distributed Canvassing tool to do that by automating and streamlining the process. They identify the region, state how many contacts are for each canvasser, and develop personalized messages. NGP VAN Distributed Canvassing has a tool that can analyze what issues voters care about, helping canvassers approach such voters in a positive view that echoes their candidate’s concern. The software sophisticated feedback system provides valuable data that can be used to win the difficult swing voters.

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