Mikhail Blagosklonny Hopes To See A New Age In The Way We Treat Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor who is not only an influential individual in his industry who is great at research, but who is also a philanthropist that cares a great deal about people. He has always inspired his students and fellow colleagues and hopes that, someday, he will be able to pass the torch to one them so they can carry out his vision and help the world in the process. Healthcare is Mr. Blagosklonny’s passion, and it is his desire that every person, no matter their economic situation, has access to the the best medical treatment possible. His work in the fields of anti-aging and cancer have been invaluable to society and will continue to be into the future. His current work is, specifically, focused on how aging and cancer are connected. Read more about Mikhail on Crunchbase.

Mikhail Blagosklonny looks to not just treat cancer but to do it in a way that is not painful and heavy on the wallet. The treatments that he is working on might be able to keep normal cells completely protected while cancerous cells are destroyed. He hopes that his greatest success will come from the effort he is putting into making his treatments affordable. He doesn’t want quality cancer treatment to cost exorbitant amounts. He desires it be something that anyone will be able to afford in the future.

Mikhail Blagosklonny believes he has found the answer for that future in the form of Rapamycin; a drug that is generally used to coat coronary stents, treat varying lung diseases, and prevent rejections during organ transplants. Before today, it was discovered that he drug had anti-fungal properties, and abilities to suppress the immune system. Blagosklonny also believes that Rapamycin has anti-aging properties that may be able to increase people’s life span. One of the standout’s of the drug is the fact that it does not damage the kidneys as much as other anti-rejection drugs.

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When dealing with cancer, Rapamycin has been shown to have antiproliferative abilities that boost the immune system. This property allows the body to heal itself and shrink cancer tumors or prevent them in the first place. This ability was first realized when the drug lowered the chance that organ transplant patients got cancer. There is also research looking into the very real possibility that Rapamycin can treat Alzheimer’s Disease. It is Mikhail Blagosklonny’s hope that this will be true and that he will be a part of the ushering in of a new age in the field of aging and cancer care. Know more about Mikhail at Philly Purge.

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