Nick Vertucci – Overcoming the Odds

In an interview by Ideamensch on Nick Vertucci, key details about Nick’s business insight and personal life were shared. Very interesting information to digest as Nick is one of the more successful real estate investors of our time. His conditions weren’t always sun shine, but he persevered. His advice is greatly appreciated, especially from reveals through his academy: Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA).

Nick Vertucci grew up in a family that wasn’t the most financially successful bunch. His parents did the best they could; they loved Nick and his siblings very much and took care of them the best they could. Nick and his siblings had clothes on their backs, a roof over their heads and food in their mouths, but struggles plague the family. Matters would get worse when Nick’s father would pass away. Nick was just ten at the time. His mom had to work two jobs in order to support the family. Nick would barely see his mom, which was difficult for him, but he remained strong through it all.

When Nick turned 18, unfortunately he had to live in his van. Matters would take a turn for the better when he decided to start his own computer sales business. This business would provide a home and allow Nick to get married and have kids, supporting them all. It was all smiles for Nick and his family until the huge 2000 dot com bubble.

The 2000 dot com crash would cause Nick to go into debt. Something had to be done and something had to be done fast. He would get invited to a real estate academy where he would get inspired to get into real estate. The rest is history…

Nick would start a real estate investing business and make millions in the process. He would take the systematic approach that allowed him such wealth and teach it to those who were willing to learn. He starts the academy called, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Acadamy.

What the Academy specializes in is the methods used by Nick Vertucci himself that allowed him to reach the millionaire mark in real estate.

Some key business insight revealed by Nick in the Ideamensch article included two major ones:

1) Bringing Ideas to Life by, seeing it, believing it, mapping it and executing it.

2) And doing something over and over again to produce the results you desire, in Nick’s case, self talk in order to build your belief and work out your mind.

For information about Nick and his business insight, visit the Ideamensch website where this interview is posted.

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