NuoDB is a New Type of SQL Database

The NuoDB software is a new-style SQL database that gives its clients the flexibility to create new cloud-based infrastructure or to expand and modernize an existing cloud database. With its patented elastically scalable database, NuoDB is able to allow its users to keep the reliability of an SQL database while also being able to modify and adjust their settings for their company needs and have the constant updating and flexibility needed in cloud computing.

Unlike a traditional SQL database, which has to be pre-programmed, the NuoDB software is able to control costs by adjusting to the database needs as they occur, which is a definite advantage in the Cloud. Even if there are server and other outages, the software can adapt and deliver. However, the many benefits of an SQL database remain, including transactional consistency and durability.

The NuoDB architecture takes a three-tiered approach. With its administrative, transactional, and storage tiers, it avoids the close coupling error that occurs on some cloud administrators between applications and data on the disk drive. Also, it uses a set of in-memory caches to give cloud-style elasticity without sacrificing the data security.

NuoDB was first created in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey.

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