Avaaz Activism for website era

It is no surprise how the internet has greatly improved the overall lives of many people around the world – and equally how much it has made the lives of others much more difficult. However, like anything in life, things are only good or bad if we make them out to be.

Avaaz is an activist organization that has found great success at helping activist all around the world due to the internet. The organization and we urge you to visit their site, has live streams of activism all around the world that are keeping vigilant.

Ths is a great site for anyone who would like to get some support for their activist engagements. The most important thing about being an activist is being able to spread your voice and Avaaz is giving people all around the world the platform to rally people to their cause and help fight for something that is worth fighting for.

If you are someone that is looking for a place to rally your cause and would really like to fight for something noble and of meaning and are looking for like mines then avaaz is the organization for you – as there are numerous activist all around the world that are trying to change the world for the better.

Avaaz has become a superpower since its inception and the founder has been said to be one of the most influential activist leaders across the web. By ourselves we can only do so much but work with many we can accomplish so much more than we could ever dream of.

Honey Birdette Continue Expanding its Network

One of the largest lingerie brands in Australia, Honey Birdette, has started a dedicated US e-commerce website. The fast growing company has revealed plans to expand its UK retails store from three to forty before the end of 2018. Over the past 12 months, the company experienced a steady increase in sales by about 374% in its US online sales. This has been achieved due to increased customer satisfaction associated with faster delivery. In its home market, the company has over 55 outlet stores. It is also planning to increase its UK line-up stores to more than 10.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is the Australia’s first sensuality boutique. The brand was founded at Brisbane by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006. The ideas of starting the business first started after Monaghan and Barboza, a former co-founder, visited an adult shop party in search of a present. Based on their encounter and experience in the store, the duo decided to start their shop as they felt women were not served as they should be. The urge to increase confidentiality and privacy for women who want to buy personal attires and products such as lingerie prompted them to start the business.

With more than one mentor along the way, Monaghan has been able to make a world class business. The company has adopted a fast fashion strategy that ensures that the customer has a shorter attention span. Continued innovation is what has made the business to keep growing. The company is today ten years old. Its net profit rose by almost 40 percent to approximately $1.07 million in the year 2015 and a turnover of over 26 million dollars. Honey Birdette always put its customer first and has an exceptional and a well-trained team that fully understands the scope of the business.

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Why Life Line Screening is an Ideal Provider of Preventative Care

Findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that nearly 2.6 million individuals die yearly in the US. Unfortunately, close to seven out of ten of these deaths are caused by chronic illnesses that could have possibly been prevented. Thanks to modern proactive or preventative care measures such as ultrasounds, vascular tests and blood tests among others, serious health problems can be avoided.

Preventative care services, similar to the ones offered by Life Line Screening, help to avert costly and severe health issues waiting to happen in future. Mainly this is because diseases can be detected at early stages and treated before they develop. Additionally, these services can allow you to make simple lifestyle alterations upon identifying various health risk factors in a bid to prevent the spread or development of certain health issues.

Life Line Screening aims at identifying the tests that are most beneficial and important to each person depending on his or her family history, age, medical background and general health risk profile. Tests included in the company’s comprehensive screening program include a limited electrocardiograph, finger-stick blood screening and ultrasound screening.

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening serves as a foremost provider of community-based preventative health screenings. The company has dedicated itself to the provision of healthy knowledge to help people lead healthier lives. Life Line Screening does this by providing reliable, affordable preventative screenings. This endeavor is driven by the company’s belief that partnering with physicians to detect health issues early enough serves as an effective way to boost the quality of life and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening conducts its screenings through licensed and highly trained healthcare experts. They utilize the same kind of quality equipment available in hospitals. Board-certified healthcare professionals analyze the results found from all the screenings performed. By sharing the results with your doctor, you can embark on treatment and lifestyle changes, where necessary, to avert severe health issues and more information click here.

More Visit: https://www.inc.com/profile/life-line-screening

A Coach From Birth

Yanni Hufnagel was a developing coach from the very beginning. As a kid, he read tons of books on coaching. He would then use figures to demonstrate the plays he learned in the books. In higb school, he was cut from the varsity team as a junior. Because of that, Yanni would commentate at local sporting events and did a particularly good job at it. People knew that Yanni had something special. He showed tremendous potential for a long career in either coaching or broadcasting.

Yanni started his career at Cornell as a basketball manager. After, he started as an intern with the New Jersey Nets basketball organization. Through the power of networking, Yanni met Jeff Capel, a basketball coach looking for a graduate assistant coach. He accepted the position.

After that, Yanni was referred by Coach Capel to the head coach at Harvard University. He applied for a volunteer assistant position. As an unpaid intern, he was hired and started recruiting immediately. Over the years, he has become one of the best recruiters in college basketball for multiple schools. He has even earned the credit of developing Blake Griffin into the dominant player he is today. He is also credited of recruiting both Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb, two top recruits from the class of 2015, to the University of California.

Overall, Yanni Hufnagel has done a tremendous job at recruiting talent all over the country and making his programs stronger. I believe we should all respect Yanni for his outstanding dedication to the game and his ability to make everyone around him better. He is definitely a coach all aspiring coaches should look up to.


Clearabee-Delivering Their Very Best

Clearabee is the company to call to provide you with rubbish clearance services in the London area. They are a nationwide company that can handle any job-big or small. They are accredited and have a fleet of over 65 vehicles. They also employ over 165 employees that are trained to handle any job. Clearabee always offers a quote on their rubbish clearance services and they strive to keep their services very affordable. Clearabee does not charge a lot of extra fees for things like congestion or driving in zone 1. They are committed to high customer service and want to deliver their best.


Clearabee offers many flexible packages for their rubbish clearance services and they can often provide same day pickup. There is rarely a job that they cannot complete and they always will offer a free quote on their rubbish clearance services.


Clearabee has been providing their rubbish clearance services for a long time and they’ve become popular since then. They are available six days out of the week and you can book a rubbish clearance service with them over the phone or online anytime.


Clearabee does not ever subcontract and they will always ensure that your rubbish will end up at a designated waste management facility. They are a very professional company and keeps your rubbish removal service discreet. They are flexible and will always work around your schedule. If you ever need to reschedule your appointment, it’s easy to do and they will always work with you.


Amicus Seeks Cures For Many Orphan and Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics, created to find a cure for orphan diseases, was founded in Cranbury NJ in 2002. After five years of private research, Amicus Therapeutics went public. In 2008, the therapeutics company opened a branch in San Diego, California. Amicus presently has locations in Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The research company relies on many donations from fundraising organizations that include a $210,300 grant from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and a $500,000 grant from the Michael J Fox Foundation, known for treating Parkinson’s.

Recently, Amicus Therapeutics (:Small Biotech Seems To Have The ‘Big Mo’) is working on treatment for Fabry disease. Fabry disease is damage to the peripheral nerve fibers that can effect the GI tract, including the kidneys and the heart. It can be diagnosed early in childhood. Fabry disease is considered a lysomage storage disorder. Before Amicus Therapeutics came along, Fabry disease was a fatal disease. Marlou from the Netherlands suffers from Fabry disease that took the life of her grandmother. Marlou’s sister, mother, and aunt currently suffer from Fabry disease. In the Netherlands, it was wrongly assumed that women can only carry Fabry disease and not get it. Marlou knows this isn’t true. A sufferer herself, she isn’t going to let this disease stop her from enjoying life. She’s being treated with Migalistat.

Amicus is working with genetic diseases by researching how to target mutated proteins. In 2007, Mike from Saddlebrook, New Jersey, had a breathing problem that was misdiagnosed. Finally, in 2016 doctors learned he had Pompe disease that is a form of muscular dystrophy. MD has similar symptoms as Polymiositis, also a muscular disease. If Mike hadn’t been diagnosed with Pompe disease and received treatment, he might have died.

Amicus Therapeutics has a patient advocacy program that not only treats these rare, orphan diseases, it also educates the patient to help in treatment. In fact, Amicus is at the forefront of treating orphan diseases. Amicus is the first pharmeceutical company to market therapy for Epidermolysis, a muscular connective tissue disease. The pharmeceutical company is working on chaperone-Advanced Replacement therapy for the many of the orphan and rare diseases.

Need more information on Amicus Therapeutics? Visit: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Amicus-Therapeutics-Reviews-E26068.htm

A Preparatory Innovation of Agora Financial Company

Agora has assisted individuals in growing and protecting their own wealth. Agora is a financial institution in the private sector of being the financial market for a long time. Their division was formed to help other companies find the right avenue that will fit their establishment. It provides ways of chronologically building strategies for the prospering companies. Their representatives are mobile researchers and their time is well invested in seeking out opportunities. Agora operates on undiscovered projects by avoiding the mainstream. Their projects give their customers first hand opportune so the investors can purchase products at a cheaper cost. The company has various departments covering an implemented entity of focal points that makes Agora Finance unique in its own way. The company projected the cost of gold, the housing market, the oil refinery and the medical era before the mainstream market discovered it. Today it effects the high rise and cost of the consumers.

Agora Finance has grown and expanded since 1979. They have provided information to the customers through media sources, publications and innovative customer service. Agora was the first in its sector to allow their workers to explore their ideas and suggestions on improving or better serve their customers. In the expansion, the company has been recognized by other big name companies like the Wall Street Journal, various business news networks and newspaper publications. The growth of Agora also allowed them to move to the historic District of Baltimore in 1994. As a parent company, sub companies emerged moving across America. With the knowledge and progression of Agora, it has developed vast websites for the organizations and entrepreneurs and others for the Fortune 500.

The company has provided books along with other media sources bringing on board the publishers to reach out to the customers by using strategies to accomplish materials that are educational and investment suave. Books of best-selling authors. Founder Bill Bonner and Executive Publisher Addison Wiggin. The two collaborated and created an inspired movie. The movie was a documentary of the aggressive change in the economy for the United States and the people. Interviews were held by former comptrollers, former Chairman’s and a super investor; just to name a few. For research purposes, an insight was launched aiming for understanding the events of marketing in the future and how it would affect the people.

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Why Mike Baur has Succeeded in His Transition

Do you know that few people have the confidence to quit their long served career to start a new venture? I will introduce you to one courageous entrepreneur by the name Mike Baur who managed to transition after working for 20 years. He is one of the Swiss entrepreneurs and the co-founder of the Swiss start-up factory. Mike is an alumnus of Rochester University where he earned an MBA and an executive MBA from Berne University. He started working in the Swiss private banking where he served for 20 years. Mike was a success in the banking sector as he managed to rise from being a commerce apprentice to a member of the executive board. Mike then quit his career to venture into in investments. In 2016, the Wall Street Journal published the story of Mike in his journey of transitioning into entrepreneurship.

Mike in cooperation with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer started Swiss start-up Factory in 2014. The firm is privately financed and independent business. Swiss factory has set a record as the first company in Switzerland to support its functions at the early stage. Mike believes that the youth should come out and become productive through using their hands rather than fighting for the white color jobs. The factory aims at transforming the products in the market by bringing changes in the business models to ensure customer satisfaction. The Swiss start-up company has a three-month program which provides an excellent platform for services like coaching, mentoring, office space training, financial advice, and entrepreneurial networks.

Mike has spearheaded all the functions of the firm with other companies in their cooperation. Mike was elected the deputy managing director during the business partnership with the CTI in 2016. The Swiss start-up factory worked together with Gold Back Group in 2016 and Mike was actively involved in all the activities. He also took part in the accelerator program of the company. Mike also participates in the business between the firm and Fintech Fusion Company. Due to the company being independent it does well in all its activities as there are no limitations on political powers.

Mike Baur is a mentor to the young investors venturing into start-ups and also supports them financially. According to Mike, one should execute their potential, be committed, and work hard to realize their dreams. Mike advise the new business investor to ensure professionalism and teamwork for the success of the firm. His experience in the banking sector has also taught him that one can raise from any level to a flourishing business.



ClassDojo-Helping Kids to Enrich their Learning Through Communication

ClassDojo is a new way to experience the classroom by opening up the lines of communication. ClassDojo is an advanced app that allows parents, teachers, and students to communicate with each other. ClassDojo is helping to encourage students to work hard, be kind, and to help others. It is also giving students a voice. It is also an app that is helping parents to stay connected with their kids throughout the school day.

With ClassDojo it is possible for parents and teachers to message each other throughout the school day without having to exchange telephone numbers or make calls. ClassDojo is making it possible for school leaders, teachers, and principles to connect together and to create an awesome community together.

The ClassDojo app is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and on any computer and is always a free app for teachers to use. ClassDojo is used by 90% of schools in the US and 20% of the ClassDojo team has a teaching background.

ClassDojo has many features that make it not only unique but easy to use. The classroom feature allows teachers and students to build their culture within the classroom and they can share feedback and progress with each other.

The messages feature lets teachers, parents, and school teachers message each other in order to stay in constant contact and teachers have the option to set certain times aside for “Quiet Hours.”

Stories allow streams of media to be updated instantly from every school day and Class Story helps teachers to share with the families connected to their class. Student Stories gives students the freedom to create their very own unique story such as a timeline or portfolio comprise of everything that they have learned and the Big Ideas feature helps student to enrich their learning even further.

Troy McQuagge Becomes A Gold Winner

The USHealth Group, Inc can take a seat knowing that it has secured itself a prestigious award this year.

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of the group was awarded the Gold Winner Award for being the CEO of the Year at the annual One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards ceremony is a global premier awards program that gives special honors to businesses and any professional excellence in any industry all across the world. Different organizations can submit nominations to the awards crew, whether they are public or private companies, profit or non-profit companies.

When asked about receiving the award, McQuagge started by saying that it was honor for him to be named as a winner in the One Planet Awards ceremony. He went on to say that the award didn’t belong only to him but also to everyone who worked at USHealth Group, Inc. He suggested that the award was proof that the company would remain committed to solving issues involving healthcare.

Troy McQuagge is the current CEO of the USHealth Group. He attended and graduated from the University of Central Florida, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1983. He got his first start in the working world later that year when he took a job with AllState Insurance Company. In 1995,Troy McQuagge joined United Insurance Companies, Inc (UICI) and worked in the Student Insurance Division. Later on, his company became part of HealthMarkets, though he was named president in 1997. The Agency Marketing Group had more than $1 billion in sales and revenue by 2007.

McQuagge joined the USHealth Group back in 2010 and his main goal was to completely revamp the entire company and their many policies. The first thing that McQuagge wanted to do upon his arrival at the company was to modify the way its captive distribution agency, USHealth Advisors, was operating. He spent so much time revamping the system that he was eventually elected to be the president and CEO of the company by 2014. Once he got into this role, the company showed more growth and profitability in the healthcare market.