Under Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries goes international

The famed investor Warren Buffett always talks about how he prefers companies that have a kind of moat protecting their market share. By this, he means that great companies often have barriers to entry that are so insurmountable that even somebody with a billion dollars could not penetrate their market. Most companies, even ones with fairly large barriers to entry, simply do not have this type of protective barrier to a newcomer breaching their market strongholds.

However, one of the few industries in which this such a moat currently exists is in the oil extraction business. Due to the extremely unique nature and intense costs of the capital equipment involved in extracting oil from even the most simple plays, it becomes necessary for any entrants to the market to have vast sums of capital, expertise and talent at their disposal to have any chance at becoming a viable competitor is such a tough market.

Nabors Industries is one of the companies that have been there from the beginning. Under the leadership of CEO, Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries has fortified its own competitive edge, developing many different proprietary technologies that simply are not available from any other supplier or manufacturer. One example of such technology is the OrientXPress steerable directional drilling system, a directional drilling system that is capable of simultaneously drilling up to 20 sites, with a mostly automated process that requires hardly any intervention from operations staff. In fact, the drilling system has proven to be so effective that it is now the single most widely used system for all North American oil plays. These include the Bakken Shale of North Dakota, where Nabors Industries has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment and allowed operators to make billions of dollars in profits in the following: http://fuelfix.com/blog/tag/anthony-petrello/ click here.

It is through these types of visionary innovations that the company’s CEO, Tony Petrello, has gotten his reputation for sagacious and timely maneuvering.

MB2 Dental – Ensuring Dental Office Runs Professionally and Profitably

For any office to run successfully, its back-end administration has to be seamless and must be taken care of well. Most of the people, who are professionals or specialists, focus on their core jobs while forgetting the piling up of administrative works in the office. It leads to mismanagement and eventually leads to poor customer service and bad reputation. It is same in the case of dentists who are good at what they do, which is providing dental treatments, perform dental surgeries, and offer a broad range of other dentistry solutions.However, dentists are not trained to do billings or take care of accounts or book appointments, and so on. Even though every dental office has employees to do these jobs, it is seen that most of the times these employees are not trained well or are selected by the dentist himself from random online job sites.

These employees try to do their job well, but in most cases are not able to bring that professional touch needed to make that first impression on the patients, which is essential for any business. Moreover, inefficient administrative services to the patients can frustrate them, and they might end up switching their preferences when it comes to which dental clinic to visit. MB2 Dental, one of the leading service providers in the field of dental management, has the solution for the problem mentioned above exactly. It allows the dentists to focus and do what they are good at while leaving the rest of the worries to the professionals supplied by MB2 Dental.

The company ensures that every professional that is sent to your dental office/clinic is well-trained and has experience. MB2 Dental revamps your dental practice to make it more professional and organizes it to make it more efficient and fast-paced, which is what most of the patients are looking for these days when visiting doctors. Dr. Akhil Reddy has come a long way from where he started, and part of the credit for his success can be given to MB2 Dental, which took care of his dental office in a highly professional manner.It allowed Dr. Akhil Reddy to focus on his patients and provide exemplary care, which helped him gain great reputation among his patients and in the area. Dr. Akhil Reddy highly recommends MB2 Dental to the dentists who are looking to offload their non-core worries and make their dental clinic more efficient and professional.

Highland Capital Management: The Most In-Demand Company Specializing In Financial Solutions in the U.S.

Highland Capital Management is widely considered to be one of the leading financial solutions providers in the U.S. Since its formation in 1990, the company’s founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada, have strived to provide high-quality services to its diverse range of clients both locally and internationally. With other two decades’ worth of experience, the enterprise prides itself in going above and above to provide an array of essential services such as long and short equity, real estate, health care, high yield credit and much more.

Initially, Highland Capital Management specialized in managing secured bank loans and fixed income markets to meet the current needs of its customers. As the enterprise progressively grew, it only deemed necessary to venture into additional services emerging in the current market.

Leadership Structure

Highland Capital Management to operate under the insightful leadership of its two founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada. With over three decades’ worth of experience, Mr. Dondero has proven to be an integral asset in the company courtesy of his extensive expertise in high yield investing and equity markets. Since the company’s formation in 1990, Dondero is credited with overseeing the development of award winning products such as REITS, hedge funds, private equity funds, CLOs and much more. Aside from playing an active role in such duties, Dondero is also credited with coordinating the development of the Protective Life to over $2 billion in market valuation.

On the other hand, Mark Okada currently serves as the company’s co-founder and Chief Investment Officer. The Dallas-based investor brings on board invaluable ideas and a crafty skillset necessary in effectively operating Highland Capital Management. With over $18 billion in assets under his keen management, Okada possesses crucial credentials necessary in providing diverse investment solutions to customers.

Services Offered

• High Yield Credit: Highland’s position as a prominent institution gives it a unique edge in providing credit-based products and solutions that complement the high-yield credit market. As a testament to their proficiency, the company is undeniably one of the largest custodians of bank loans with over $13 billion in bank loan assets.

• Long and short equity: Highland is adept at offering alternative equity strategies aimed at minimizing volatility, while also offering consistent performance on smart investment strategies.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Practice Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as a Passion

Dr. Jennifer Walden is female cosmetic surgeon based in Austin, TX, and she is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She mostly specializes in aesthetic, breast, and facial surgeries and conducts a large number of breast augmentation and facial procedures including nose job. She was born in Austin, Texas and both her parents were in the medical field. Her father was a dentist, and her mother was a surgical nurse. She went to Anderson High School and later on joined the University of Texas where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology. Jennifer Walden applied for medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and she received Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors. Her performance at the school was exemplary, and she graduated as a salutatorian of her class and more information click here.

She is very dedicated to her job, and this has seen her been awarded various awards including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award after clinching the position in a scientific exhibit. She was awarded The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award in 1998 and several others from distinguished medical organizations. After completing her residency training, she relocated to New York to specialize her interest in aesthetic surgery. Her passion and experience in this field continued while at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital after interacting with expertise who practiced aesthetic cosmetic surgery and what Walden knows.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has moved back to Austin, and she is running her busy cosmetic surgery practice. She has always loved Austin, mainly because she felt it was the best place for her twin boys to grow in. She serves as a member of the board of directors for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is also mandated as the media spokesperson for the same organization. In her practice, every effort is carried out to ensure that patients make clear and informed decisions to achieve the most natural results possible. Her primary aim is to make her clients look and feel best through offering the highest level of patient care and safety and Walden’s lacrosse camp.

Other Reference: http://kristingunn.com/dr-jennifer-walden/

Talos Energy Successfully Enters the Mexican Oil Market

The Mexican oil industry has recently allowed foreign capital into their market. This is a sea change from the previous eight decades in which state-run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos completed every project from top to bottom. The oil industry in Mexico has been nationalized since 1938.
A well was drilled in Mexican waters and it is a three-way partnership of private companies. The joint venture involves Premier Oil Plc. out of London, Talos Energy LLC from Houston, and Sierra Oil & Gas located in Mexico.
The well is called Zama-1 and is located in the Sureste Basin near the Mexican state of Tabasco. The well could conceivably extract 100-500 million barrels of crude oil according to estimates. Premier Oil put forth these figures in the press release. The drilling of the well may take up to 90 days. The three companies won a round of bidding in 2015 after Mexico decided to open up their oil industry to foreign investment.
A noted analyst, Elaine Reynolds, from Edison Investment Research Ltd., has commented upon the interest that this endeavor has generated in the industry. From a geological perspective, the structure of the basin is likely to bring forth success. Another analyst also related the importance of this development to the Mexican oil market.
Talos Energy is a privately held company based in Houston, Tx. whose focus is on the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. They have considerable experience in these areas. Both management and their technical teams have spent the majority of their careers working in said territories. They employ a wide range of the latest technological advances to maximize their efficiency and production.
One great example of their technological prowess is their database of seismic data. This enables them to accurately map the terrain in which they are operating. This is a three-dimensional process that covers nearly all of the acreage in their portfolio. It allows for optimization of their drilling and better evaluation of new possibilities.
Talos Energy takes great pride in producing the energy which helps fuel the world. They also place great emphasis on safely developing their energy products. Environmental safety is a driving force within the company amongst all divisions.

Honey Birdette Taking on Europe and Beyond

Upscale lingerie boutique, Honey B irdette, has massive plans in the works to hugely increase its global footprint in Europe as well as its digital fan base in the United States. A recent article announced the company’s plans, which include taking their store count in the United Kingdom from three to forty by the close of 2018.

Honey Birdette is the brainchild of Eloise Monaghan. It was founded after cocktails and conversations with Monaghan’s friends revealed that there was no place to buy the lingerie they wanted in an upscale environment that offered top quality materials and products. Thus, Honey Birdette was born in 2006 and quickly grew from one location in 55 throughout Australia.

The brand is known for their Honeys, who work in the store and create a fun, playful experience for customers, while also educating and informing. Guests sip champagne while they lounge in luxurious décor. The stores offer most everyone one could imagine, including lingerie sets that vary from soft lace outfits to a full BDSM line.
Honey Birdette expanded its global reach into the United Kingdom with the opening of three stores. The announcement of the expansion from three to forty comes as a huge sign of the brand’s success in the United Kingdom market, as well as foretelling of continued growth with physical locations across Europe and beyond.

The additional forty stores are slated to be finished by 2018, with the first opening in Westfield Stratford, Leeds and Newcastle. The announcement also stated that HB was eyeing additional locations in Europe, one could speculate Paris as another essential for their customer base.

Consumers across the pond weren’t disappointed, as Honey Birdette announced the launch of its brand new e-commerce site designed specifically for people in the United States and will provide faster shipping and returns.

Avaaz Activism for website era

It is no surprise how the internet has greatly improved the overall lives of many people around the world – and equally how much it has made the lives of others much more difficult. However, like anything in life, things are only good or bad if we make them out to be.

Avaaz is an activist organization that has found great success at helping activist all around the world due to the internet. The organization and we urge you to visit their site, has live streams of activism all around the world that are keeping vigilant.

Ths is a great site for anyone who would like to get some support for their activist engagements. The most important thing about being an activist is being able to spread your voice and Avaaz is giving people all around the world the platform to rally people to their cause and help fight for something that is worth fighting for.

If you are someone that is looking for a place to rally your cause and would really like to fight for something noble and of meaning and are looking for like mines then avaaz is the organization for you – as there are numerous activist all around the world that are trying to change the world for the better.

Avaaz has become a superpower since its inception and the founder has been said to be one of the most influential activist leaders across the web. By ourselves we can only do so much but work with many we can accomplish so much more than we could ever dream of.

Honey Birdette Continue Expanding its Network

One of the largest lingerie brands in Australia, Honey Birdette, has started a dedicated US e-commerce website. The fast growing company has revealed plans to expand its UK retails store from three to forty before the end of 2018. Over the past 12 months, the company experienced a steady increase in sales by about 374% in its US online sales. This has been achieved due to increased customer satisfaction associated with faster delivery. In its home market, the company has over 55 outlet stores. It is also planning to increase its UK line-up stores to more than 10.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is the Australia’s first sensuality boutique. The brand was founded at Brisbane by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006. The ideas of starting the business first started after Monaghan and Barboza, a former co-founder, visited an adult shop party in search of a present. Based on their encounter and experience in the store, the duo decided to start their shop as they felt women were not served as they should be. The urge to increase confidentiality and privacy for women who want to buy personal attires and products such as lingerie prompted them to start the business.

With more than one mentor along the way, Monaghan has been able to make a world class business. The company has adopted a fast fashion strategy that ensures that the customer has a shorter attention span. Continued innovation is what has made the business to keep growing. The company is today ten years old. Its net profit rose by almost 40 percent to approximately $1.07 million in the year 2015 and a turnover of over 26 million dollars. Honey Birdette always put its customer first and has an exceptional and a well-trained team that fully understands the scope of the business.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

Why Life Line Screening is an Ideal Provider of Preventative Care

Findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that nearly 2.6 million individuals die yearly in the US. Unfortunately, close to seven out of ten of these deaths are caused by chronic illnesses that could have possibly been prevented. Thanks to modern proactive or preventative care measures such as ultrasounds, vascular tests and blood tests among others, serious health problems can be avoided.

Preventative care services, similar to the ones offered by Life Line Screening, help to avert costly and severe health issues waiting to happen in future. Mainly this is because diseases can be detected at early stages and treated before they develop. Additionally, these services can allow you to make simple lifestyle alterations upon identifying various health risk factors in a bid to prevent the spread or development of certain health issues.

Life Line Screening aims at identifying the tests that are most beneficial and important to each person depending on his or her family history, age, medical background and general health risk profile. Tests included in the company’s comprehensive screening program include a limited electrocardiograph, finger-stick blood screening and ultrasound screening.

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening serves as a foremost provider of community-based preventative health screenings. The company has dedicated itself to the provision of healthy knowledge to help people lead healthier lives. Life Line Screening does this by providing reliable, affordable preventative screenings. This endeavor is driven by the company’s belief that partnering with physicians to detect health issues early enough serves as an effective way to boost the quality of life and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening conducts its screenings through licensed and highly trained healthcare experts. They utilize the same kind of quality equipment available in hospitals. Board-certified healthcare professionals analyze the results found from all the screenings performed. By sharing the results with your doctor, you can embark on treatment and lifestyle changes, where necessary, to avert severe health issues and more information click here.

More Visit: https://www.inc.com/profile/life-line-screening

A Coach From Birth

Yanni Hufnagel was a developing coach from the very beginning. As a kid, he read tons of books on coaching. He would then use figures to demonstrate the plays he learned in the books. In higb school, he was cut from the varsity team as a junior. Because of that, Yanni would commentate at local sporting events and did a particularly good job at it. People knew that Yanni had something special. He showed tremendous potential for a long career in either coaching or broadcasting.

Yanni started his career at Cornell as a basketball manager. After, he started as an intern with the New Jersey Nets basketball organization. Through the power of networking, Yanni met Jeff Capel, a basketball coach looking for a graduate assistant coach. He accepted the position.

After that, Yanni was referred by Coach Capel to the head coach at Harvard University. He applied for a volunteer assistant position. As an unpaid intern, he was hired and started recruiting immediately. Over the years, he has become one of the best recruiters in college basketball for multiple schools. He has even earned the credit of developing Blake Griffin into the dominant player he is today. He is also credited of recruiting both Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb, two top recruits from the class of 2015, to the University of California.

Overall, Yanni Hufnagel has done a tremendous job at recruiting talent all over the country and making his programs stronger. I believe we should all respect Yanni for his outstanding dedication to the game and his ability to make everyone around him better. He is definitely a coach all aspiring coaches should look up to.