Tony Petrello’s Strength In Family And Goodwill

Tony Petrello has a beautiful family made up of his wife Cynthia Petrello and their eight-year-old daughter Carena. The daughter was born prematurely, prompting her to develop a condition known as Periventricular Leukomalacia, which occurs when the brain gets insufficient oxygen.

The condition usually occurs when a baby is born before its due date. Tony Petrello and his wife have been working hard to find help not only for their daughter but also for all children suffering from the same condition like hers.

Periventricular Leukomalacia hampers a child’s development and makes actions that come naturally to other children such as movement and speech much more difficult to children with the condition.

Cerebral Palsy is a resultant condition for children afflicted with periventricular Leukomalacia like Carena Petrello. Tony’s search for help for his young daughter has led him to develop a keen interest in the research being done on the condition.

He has partnered with Texas Children’s hospital to launch the Neurological Research Institute in 2010. He made a fifty million donation to the institute to fund their work. He also serves on the hospital’s board of governors.


Tony Petrello is an active member of the Houston community. He recently hosted a spectacular party to welcome Tommy Tune, who is a renowned Broadway star from Houston.

The star was in Houston to perform for his numerous fans there when Tony honored him with the elegant party that featured members of the Miller Outdoor Theatre advisory board.

Tony Petrello was at the forefront to provide aid when large parts of Texas were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. He gave Nabors employees paid leave and urged them to help in the rescue operations in any way they could.

The company raised over three hundred thousand to help in the relief efforts.


Tony Petrello has achieved success in almost every venture that he has undertaken. This kind of success is only achievable through hard work and discipline.

His philanthropic work and community projects set him apart from his business peers. To top it all off, he is a wonderful father to his daughter Carena and a loving husband to his wife.

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E-Cig Shop O2Pur is Ahead of the Curve with Premium Flavors

Quality and Variety

Utah based E-Cig company O2Pur has a full online store offering classic e-liquid flavors and a variety of vape pens and accessories. The price point is excellent with 10mL bottles of e-liquid going for $4.99, about $2 less than average. The O2Pur store has standard charging cables and carrying cases as well as box mods, coils and rechargeable batteries. The 10mL bottles come in juicy flavors like strawberry, blueberry, green apple, cherry and watermelon. Opt for Ripple or Coast if you’re in the mood for something different. For a classic cigarette experience they’ve got tobacco flavored and menthol as well.

Premium Blends and Salts

O2pur also offers premium 70/30 blends at excellent prices. Grab 60mL or 120mL bottles in confectionary flavors like berry cheesecake, candy apple, butter pecan, strawberry cream and Island Breeze. O2Pur also boasts high quality nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are a complex product where nicotine is bound to amino acids to create smooth and fast delivery. There are different style quality levels, and they recommend learning before you buy. Check out this post on their facebook page to learn more.

E-Cigs on the Market

Since E-Cigs came on the market in 2003, investors have been running to get in on the action. How would E-Cigs fair on the market? Since that time several different companies have made their way on wall street and seen an outpouring of billions of dollars from investors. While both cigarette and E-Cig sales are going down in traditional retail stores, the popularity of vaping has led to thousands of new vape shops opening in America. This trend is growing, and not going anywhere, any time soon. Big tobacco names such as Philip Morris, which owns Marlboro, believed the fall in E-Cig sales had to do with their offering of traditional tobacco flavors rather than the wide of variety of e-liquid flavors. As technology continues to grow and more people embrace the vaping trend it is likely that E-Cigs will continue to garner attention on the stock market.

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GoBuyside Helps Businesses Find Talent That Improves Their Company

GoBuyside knows it is important for companies to get the right kind of people. They also know it can be difficult to find the talent while also running a business. Because they know what they are doing, GoBuyside has confidence they can find the best talent for each company they work with. No matter what they do, they feel good about their own business and about how they can help. They try to work with a variety of companies while using new approaches to find talent in different areas of the business. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.

The point of GoBuyside is to help high-profile companies find the talent they need for success. For that reason, GoBuyside usually only works with Fortune 500 and hedge fund profile clients. They know what people are looking for and they also know it means they’ll have a chance to try things on their own. If they focus only on these clients, they’ll give them more attention than if they had many different smaller companies. By looking at the big companies and helping only a few, GoBuyside can give more time to every client they have.

Since GoBuyside is always looking for great talent, they have several methods that work best for their business profile. They use technology to give themselves a competitive edge over the other companies that are in the same business. While placing an ad in a newspaper was acceptable years ago, GoBuyside knows the right way to find the best talent is using technology to customize their search. As long as they are looking for new talent and are trying to find the right way to do things, GoBuyside is confident they can do their best job possible. Everything they do goes back to the business and the right way to run a business. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.


Even though they are in New York City, GoBuyside can help businesses in different geographic locations. The majority of their clients come from New York City and do business in the city, but they help people in different areas no matter where they are. As long as a company meets their other criteria, they believe it is important to give them the help they need. GoBuyside tries to always give attention to the businesses that are succeeding and that need someone to help them with talent. They also try to help the companies that are the highest profile first because they know they need it the most.


Advertising Techniques That Lori Senecal Recommends

One of the most important factors in advertising is the technique and the strategy as well as the method being used. One thing that business owners are faced with is knowing what methods are effective and are accepted. When people look at all of the techniques and methods that are not accepted, this can cause them to believe that there is no way to make profits from their business. One of the most frustrating things about the methods that no longer work is that some of them are the methods that would’ve been very effective for the individual when it comes to methods.


Fortunately, for people like Lori Senecal, there are still tons of methods that are still accepted and are useful. One of the methods that Lori Senecal often talks about is using social media. One social media that she is a major fan of is Facebook. One thing that attracts her to Facebook is that there are tons of people who use the platform. When people advertise with Facebook, they have the biggest chance of attracting customers. However, Facebook is not the only social media platform that can be used. People can also use other platforms for their advertising and engagements. For more details visit Crunchbase.

One advertising technique to go with the methods is the type of tone to use. Of course, it is not going to be that effective to just insert the name of the brand and tell people to buy it. However, one thing that can help is giving people a reason to buy from the brand. This can include showing off the different products of the brand. Another thing that can work is using comedy. This has been one of the techniques in advertising that Lori Senecal has seen as very effective for her clients and other businesses. You can follow their Twitter page.

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Richard Dwayne Blair: Understanding Investing And Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair is a reputable professional in the investment advisory field. If you need quality advice or guidance on financial planning or investing, Richard can help.

Many people want to learn how to manage their money or invest wisely so they can secure their financial future. They turn to financial planners and investment advisors to help them choose a viable opportunity or investment vehicle.

Whether you’re trying to invest for retirement, send children to college, or save money to purchase a home, you need to consult a reliable and reputable financial planner or investment advisor.

Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the leading professionals in the investing field and runs his own successful investment firm. His firm, Wealth Solutions, is well known in the Austin, Texas area and caters to people who want to receive proper guidance.

A wide array of investment products are available to choose from. It is advisable to find a renowned investment firm or professional before you start the process. If you’re thinking about investing in securities such as stocks or bonds, there’s no guarantee that your investments will produce returns. This is because their value fluctuates with market conditions. That’s why it is crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced investment advisor by your side.

Richard Dwayne Blair has great expertise in advising and guiding new investors and he has been in the industry for many years. He has worked with countless clients, including veteran investors who want to grow their portfolio.

Before you make any investment decision, you need to have a good understanding of the risks involved and ensure the risks are appropriate for your situation. It is also important to understand the fees involved. Investment and financial advisors are aware of these costs or fees and can help you understand how these apply in your situation.


Richard Dwayne Blair uses a proven strategy called Three Pillars Approach, which simplifies the process and allows him to provide a comprehensive plan to his clients. This streamlined process enables him to assess his clients’ financial status, determine their risk tolerance level, and develop the right strategy to meet their needs.

Dr. Jorge Moll on Medical Advancements and Business

Brazilian neuroscientist Jorge Noll has been in the field for about ten years. He had his higher education at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, achieving his MD in Neuroscience and then completed a residency at that establishment as well. Jorge Moll also obtained a Ph.D. from the Sao Paulo University in Experimental Pathophysiology.

Jorge Moll has been serving at the D’ Or Institute of Research and education are known as IDOR. Jorge Moll is the President of IDOR a well as a Member of the Board of Directors. Jorge Moll is also working as the Director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the Neuroinformatics Workgroup. The latter is one of the highest ranked imaging and diagnostics labs in Brazil (Agenciaoglobo).

The direction of his career brought Dr. Jorge Moll to establishing the D’Or Research and Education Institute which is now one of the most popular ones in Brazil. Jorge Moll has a passion for helping people with cognitive and neurological problems and wishes to help alleviate them through his work.

Also, Dr. Jorge Moll is also working in education and research. He teaches students and takes part if studies in neuroscience. One of the latest studies that Jorge Moll was a part of was on the topic of altruism and what parts of the brain react to being generous and giving. The research created a lot of discussion among philosophers as the results showed that altruism is one of the most basic needs for a human and it comes from the same part of the brain as feeling hungry or thirsty, seeking comfort or pleasure, and the likes.

There are many other topics that interest Dr. Jorge Moll. Some of those are artificial intelligence and how it can play a significant role in medicine. Another subject of fascination are cognitive systems and how a brain, and a machine can work together to achieve something that is impossible otherwise. Dr. Jorge Moll also follows the developments in several medical fields such as gene therapy and regenerative medicine and is excited to see how what they achieve in the future.



Academy of Art University: A Futuristic Attempt on Fashion

A fashion show was held at the Academy of Art University back in September 2017, and they have invited some of their alumni and graduates to present their works in front of a huge audience. The show ran just like any other fashion events, presenting futuristic male and female wardrobe, with the brains behind the styles having collaborated with each other. They stated that one of their inspirations is the innovation and development for the future, and the resulting outputs were remarkable. The public has lauded the designs, saying that it displays a strong connection with futurism, and the materials used garnered a positive reaction from the audiences.

The fashion designers used everyday items in creating their designs. For example, one of the designers used a PVC material, and others have used synthetic fabrics to finish their creations. According to them, it will become the norm shortly to use these kinds of materials. People in the future would become so engrossed in the idea of protecting the environment, shifting their eyes to the pollutants and creating a way for them to become beneficial to the people. The audience has shown their interest in the designs presented, stating that it highlighted the future characteristics of humans to become more concerned about recycling and protecting the environment.

The Academy of Art University is known as one of the largest private schools in American offering courses and degrees in arts and designing. The current population of the school is at 12,000, and they employ more than 1,000 faculties. Founded in the year 1929, the school aimed to hone the skills of the young people in the arts. The founder, Richard S. Stephens, dreamed that the school would be able to produce graduates who will be the embodiment of modern art. Each year, the number of students enrolling at the educational institution is rising, with a peak in 2012 when 18,000 enrolled. The school is an active participant in fashion events, and they have been giving their students a chance to participate in the said events every year. The school administration stated that their students are always looking forward to participating in these events that showcase their talents.


New Jersey Aging Expert, Dr. Johanan Rand, Educates on Healthy Aging Practices

When I say, “hot flashes” what comes to mind? Well first, that this must be a woman and next, menopause. Those two things, woman and menopause seem to be inseparable. And that is not an assumption but a reality because women are the ones who face this problem and rather abruptly when it begins.

Women go through this when they hit pre-menopause and then go into overdrive when they hit menopause. Most women going through menopause will wake in night sweat others with racing heart rate and still others with leg cramps. There are many other symptoms which can occur as well depending on the individual and hormonal shift which is occurring. It is this time that most women develop diseases that they did not have before. This is referred to as the aging process of the body. With the shift of hormones, the body starts to attract many problems like heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer and similar disease. To counteract this aging process Dr. Johanan Rand uses bioidentical hormones to help the woman’s body transition healthier as she ages.

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that the body recognizes and there no side effects to these hormones. Unlike traditional hormone therapy which uses synthetically derived hormones like Premarin and Provera that have many side effects bioidentical drugs like Estradiol and natural progesterone have no side effects. These bioidentical drugs are an effective way to counter effects of menopause and aging.

Dr. Johanan Rand looks at the overall health of the individual and customizes a plan for that patient. He looks at hormonal health and prescribes that bioidentical hormones that patient would need to counter aging and the effects of menopause. He also looks at the whole patient and customizes a lifestyle plan so to minimize the effects of aging.

Dr. Johanan Rand is a role model for his patients since he practices what he preaches. He also takes the same regimen for his life as well. He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers in the New Jersey area.

Dr. Johanan Rand is also familiar with Andropause which occurs in men. It is the process of hormonal change in men with the drop of testosterone and increase of estrogen. Dr. Johanan Rand has the knowledge and expertise to devise an appropriate plan for the patient.



Chris Linkas Encourages the Young Generation to Invest

Chris Linkas has served as European Head of Credit since April 2003. He also served in London as the head of 20 persons European Credit group which is popularly known for principal investments in UK-Euro regions which includes Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and France among others countries. He also managed the commercial real estate area as the head of Credit and real estate Fund businesses, an organization that focuses on opportunistic debt and real estate investments specifically in North America.

Chris has a passion for the business world and encourages the young generation to invest in the business in their twenties. Chris says that many youths put off their investing plans until they are financially stable which he terms as a wrong idea. He shares some reasons why a young person should thrive and blossom in investments and entrepreneurship. Chris Linkas states that despite money being tight, the youths have a lot of time which is an advantage, and talks of compounding which is merely the ability to grow investment by reinvesting the earnings ( Compounding helps an investor to gain wealth over a period and only requires time and reinvestments.

Risk management is also a key factor while investing. Linkas expresses that age is a factor that influences the amount of risk one can withstand. Young people can afford to take more risky investments since they have more earnings ahead of them other than aged people. He also encourages young people that experience is the best teacher and hence they should learn by doing. Young investors are flexible and have time to learn from their successes and failures since investing has a lengthy learning curve.

The younger generation can study, research and apply more technology and online investing tips. They can learn from various online trading and investments platforms which provide fundamental and technical analysis. Finally, Linkas touches on human capital which can be referred to as the present value of future wages. Investing in oneself by learning advanced skills is a crucial and valuable investment which has strong returns and also is a way of saving for retirement.


Vijay Eswaran Teaches About Attaining Prosperity Through The Right Mindset

Vijay Eswaran’s greatest achievement wasn’t building the QI Group into a business juggernaut. His most impactful action is helping the masses to learn how to develop the mindset that leads them to accomplishments and prosperity. That is a very important part of his personal and business philosophy. It is also what enabled the QI Group’s independent sales representatives to be able to sell their products to millions of people even while Asia was going through an economic crisis. As part of their training and through his motivational speeches Eswaran taught them how to develop a mindset that leads to success.

In his articles, books and speeches Vijay Eswaran shared those same empowering messages with the masses. Through articles like The Stages Of Change, Two Minutes From The Abyss and 3 Ways Fear Drives Success, he teaches people how to use fear as a catalyst for positive change. He also offers people the tools they can use to create a productive mindset and make the necessary changes to improve their quality of life in his books 18 Stepping Stones, The Wings of Thought, In the Sphere of Silence, In The Thinking Zone and others. This is part of his enduring gift to people worldwide.

In going from a working-class background to becoming one of Asia’s richest people, Vijay Eswaran demonstrated just how effective having the right focus and frame of mind can be. When he co-founded the QI Group in 1998, he didn’t let Asia’s challenging economic condition stop him to pursuing and attaining his goal. Instead, he used his powerful, effective personal philosophy to attain success. That helped to give him the credibility and the platform to take his message to a receptive broader audience.

Building a network marketing company that generates hundreds of millions of dollars a year and employs over a million people is impressive. But sharing a philosophy that anyone in the world can use to improve their life is even more significant. Giving tens of millions to charity like Vijay Eswaran has done is commendable. However, teaching and demonstrating the power of positive thinking is greater.