Fashion with a difference, how Techstyle managed to merge technology and style successfully

Techstyle Fashion Group was established by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The company, as well as its affiliated organizations, deal with beauty, fashion accessories, and clothing. It is ironic that the forefathers of the company had very little knowledge about fashion. The success of the company so far has been based on their ambition to succeed in their ambitions and meet their customer’s desires. Both Adam and Don entered the business world at a young age. They met while they were both working for Intermix Media. Their friendship grew and in 2006, both Adam and Don started Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce organization that dealt with online shopping. The duo brainstormed on various new ways of having trendy and comfortable clothing advertised online. They managed to do this as they grew other successful brands. Since they were aware of what the current generation wanted regarding clothing, Adam and Don devised simpler ways of finding personalized clothing items for their customers.

JustFab was the first company that came about from Techstyle. JustFab allowed its members to receive monthly personalized athletic clothes and accessories. JustFab operates only on membership registrations. The company assists its members in mixing and matching various fashion pieces to ease the process of finding personalized style preferences.

To run such a business enterprise, funding is very important. JustFab sourced funding from Matrix Partners, a venture capitalist. Matrix Partners was also responsible for funding Intelligent Beauty. JustFab later came to rebrand in 2016, they changed their name to Techstyle. The name came from the tactics used by Adam and Don’s companies to mix fashion with technology. Given that Adam and Don also have a background in digital commerce, a tech-friendly name for the company was inevitable.

Techstyle has its headquarters in El Segundo, California. Their offices resemble colorful pieces of modern workspaces with a focus on fashion. By providing comfortable clothing to women who exercise by either running, working out at the gym or dancing, they are more confident to continue with their activities to keep fit. Confident and healthy people are the backbone to positive contributions to the society.

Techstyle stands out in their operations thanks to the company’s founders, Adam and Don, commitment to corporate social responsibility deeds. They insist that their focus is not only to make money but also to improve the lives of the community around it. They believe that all companies ought to embrace this idea. Techstyle takes part in community garden projects, to and donating to charity.

Helping those who need it most at Amicus Therapeutics

Nothing can be more devastating that the diagnosis of an unexpected health condition. In particular, a health condition or disease that is not well understood or well known to Health care providers. This can leave a person feeling vulnerable and helpless. Luckily, there are Organizations out there whose sole mission is to help those in need when they need it the most. Follow Amicus Therapeutics on Twitter.

At Amicus Therapeutics, it is our passion that drives us to find solutions where solutions don’t currently exist. We strive to obsolete our own technologies, encourage and embrace constant innovation, take smart risks, push ideas as far and as fast as possible and most importantly, think very differently from others. These core values are what give Amicus Therapeutics an edge and allow us to remain at the forefront of therapies for rare and orphan diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics is constantly driving to deliver new therapies for those in need, when they need it the most. There are several products late into the development and regulatory phase which will provide treatments for a range of human genetic diseases. This includes Migalastat, a cutting edge medicine intended to treat those with Fabry disease. SD-101, another product late in the development stage would be one of the earliest, if not the first, therapy available to those who have been diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).


Amicus Therapeutics has the luxury of utilizing our platform biologics and Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART™) to develop multiple new enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) products that will help those suffering from a myriad of rare diseases such as Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs).

Amicus Therapeutics has Corporate Head Quarters in Cranbury, NJ and has several locations across the globe. While we are a company that is spread across the globe, our goals of innovating solutions to patients most in need remain united.

The fight will never stop and hope will always remain for patients suffering from rare and orphan diseases. Amicus Therapeutics is there for you. Read more at about Amicus Therapeutics.

Fabletics: Innovative Activewear

In the year 2010, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg co-founded a company named “Fabletics.” The goal of this company they created was simple: create active wear that looks great, is fashionable, functional, and most importantly, at a price that people can actually afford. This idea became important to them upon realizing that when women are shopping for active wear, they usually must make a choice between what is fashionable, and what they could actually afford.

Adam and Don put what the current market trends were to the side, and instead focused on what women desired. Through the use of consumer tests and focus groups, Adam and Don were soon able to come to the conclusion that some of the largest problems that women had to face with regards to sportswear were the same across the board. They found that the clothes all too often didn’t fit the women like they should, were far too much money, and were garish. It’s also noteworthy to point out that they found the quality of these clothes were far under par, as well as very much lacking in comfort.

Don Ressler, co-founder of Fabletics, soon began working with Kate Hudson, making her the face of the brand itself. A big issue with the sports fashion industry has always been the challenge of being able to cater specifically to women; something that only a few companies have been able to do. However, with Kate Hudson on the side of Fabletics, appealing specifically to women would become quite a more simpler task than it would have been without her. Not to mention, Kate Hudson’s passion for the world of media and her talent of being great at communicating would make her a key asset to the organization. With all of this being said, it’s not a surprise that Don and Adam eventually brought her on board as a cofound.

Though founded on a great idea, Fabletics, like any successful company, didn’t start out flawlessly. However, although Fabletics has been through it’s own set of challenges, the organization today is a very stable company, with a very strong online presence and even a vision to expand their market into the plus sized woman category!

The Health Benefits Of Organo Gold Beverages

In a study that was conducted by European researchers over a 16-year period, it was discovered that people who drink at least 2 to 4 cups of coffee a day may have a lower risk of dying from heart disease, stroke and cancer compared to people who don’t drink coffee at all. The participants of the study drank both the caffeinated and the decaffeinated versions of the beverage, then they recorded their coffee drinking habits, and updated their information every five years, according to a USA Today article on this subject. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

As the research proved, contrary to what most people probably think about too much coffee consumption, there are many health and wellness benefits that certain types of the beverage can provide. Organic coffees, like the ones that are offered by a company called Organic Gold, can increase antioxidant levels, as well as boost the immune system. The coffees can be consumed on a daily basis, and customers have said that they have a smooth and pleasant taste, and that they are very aromatic. Plus, the caffeine content in the beverages is much lower than that of regular coffee.


The company also carries other varieties of healthy drinks, such as teas and cocoa. The teas can be a great weight loss aid, and they also have antioxidant qualities. The natural ingredients in the arabica coffee include grapeseed oil and Ganoderma, which is a form of mushroom called reishi. In addition to helping boost the immune system, Ganoderma helps reduce stress, improve sleep and increase energy.

Organo Gold beverages can be purchased on the company’s website or from independent distributors of the product. The business, which was started in 2008, is based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. And samples of the company’s products are available for those who want to try the drinks before buying them. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

White Shark Media as Clients Describe it

The online marketing agency of White Shark Media has been satisfying their clients since 2010. The company was created by Dutch entrepreneurs with a background in media.

White Shark Media has partners such as Google, Bing, Microsoft, as well as other large names. Considering the company partnered up with these names in their first year or so, it is impressive what White Shark Media has achieved so early on in its journey. Up to date, the online marketing agency has 144 people working full time, serving more than 600 clients.

One of the incredible facts about the White Shark Media is that their very first client is still using their services almost eight years later. There are very few companies out there that can take pride in such a feat, and White Shark Media is very proud to be one of them.

The testimonials of the online marketing agency describe the business and its employees. The clients are operating in all kinds of industries and lines of work including apparel and retail, law, auto services, jewelry making, restaurants, and hotels, as well as a number of other lines of work.

Clients commonly point out the aspects of the White Shark Media that they like best about the online marketing agency and what they have found most helpful for their business growth and stability. It is common knowledge that business is all about people. According to testimonials, White Shark Media has a friendly and helpful team. The evaluation and campaign services of the company are also spot-on, and many reviewers say they owe their success to the agency.

Local Bank Donates To The Dallas Women’s Foundation

It was just announced that NexBank has donated $100,000 to the Dallas Women’s Foundation as a sponsor to the organization. NexBank is pleased to support this organization, supporting women in economic stability and advancement. The Dallas Women’s Foundation just held a luncheon on October, 20, 2017 to honor and support women in business. The keynote speaker was Dr. Hope Jahren, a best selling author and scientist who was recently named one of ” TIME magazine’s 100 most influential persons. A librarian of the keynote speech was streamed to twenty schools with about 10,000 children in attendance.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation offers this luncheon yearly to civic minded leaders, business people, and community leaders in the Dallas community. More than 1,300 have attended this worthy cause. The Dallas Women’s Foundation has become one of the biggest regional funds in the whole world and is a trusted leader promoting positive change and advancement for women and girls in the areas of social and economic advancement. NexBank has a long history of partnering for positive change in their community of Dallas, Texas and has been a leader in the community since their first charter in 1922.

NexBank offers business and personal banking, twenty-four hour online account access, and the ability to apply for home and commercial loans, lines of credit, wealth management, and a full staff for all business needs such as a notary, real estate advisor, administrative agents, and successor agents. For ease of use NexBank has been divided into three branches:

Commercial Banking – deals with commercial leading, real estate lending, lines of credit, and treasury management.

Mortgage Banking – this branch handles all the different mortgages that pass through NexBank including: Wholesale, Correspondence, and Warehouse lending.

Institutional Services – this branch offers real estate advisors, lines of credit, depository services, and treasury management among other things.

To read more about NexBank and their services offered, please click here.

A Phenomenal Overview of Securus Technology Company

Securus Technology Company is based in Dallas Texas. It was officially founded in 1986 with its regional offices located in both in Texas and Atlanta Georgia. Approximately, this company employs a vast number of people. It’s also reported to have satisfactory contracts with correctional facilities in the United States and entirely serve many other correctional centers across the U.S. and Canada. The company announced it had invested millions in 2016 in not only technologies and patents but also acquisition in three years. Richard A. (Rick) Smith is the rightful C.E.O of the organization since 23rd June 2008.


Some two leading industries in correction market industry merged in 2004, and later on, in 2007, Securus Technologies attained the “international brand leader in Offender Manager Systems.” Securus innovated a system to control contraband cell phones. By 2016, Securus had received more than five departments of correctional facilities. In the same year, Securus partnered with a Corporation on “Cell Defender” technology. However, in 2017 announced its Wireless innovation that was developed to prevent the band cell phones which were used back then from connecting to the modern mobile networks.


Securus has been providing telephone services to the U.S. prisons at a remarkably higher rate than the general public. In July 2005, the company was the target of the data infraction of about million records of phone calls made. Not only does Securus provide top services but also solutions to criminal acts which improve public safety plus modernize the incarceration experience. The reason as to why law enforcement agencies, prisons, and other more prominent organizations with much reputation prefer having Securus technologies is that they’re simple and robust technology solutions that are easy to use.


This company is very much committed to providing high- tech software solutions. This is to be achieved by its products offering best and most importantly high-quality services. Recently, Securus has strategically executed a revolutionary plan for growth by acquiring organizations providing complementary products and services. In as much as there are many communication agencies, Securus still stands out to be great in operation in this field.


The Pediatric and Research Passion of Mark Holterman

Since 2011, Dr. Mark J. Holterman has been a Professor of surgery and pediatrics at College of Medicine at the University of Illinois. He is based in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Holterman went to Yale University with a major in Biology. He later attended the University of Virginia where he earned his Ph.D. Holterman is an attending pediatric surgeon at St. Francis Medical Center and at Advocate Christ Children. Previously, he was working at Rush University Medical Center as an attending pediatric surgeon. He is a member of The America Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons. At the University of West Virginia Health Sciences, he attained a general surgery residency before attaining a fellowship in pediatric surgery at the University of Washington Center. Dr Mark Holterman, MD, also became the chief executive officer of Mariam Global Health in 2012 up to date. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at OSF Healthcare.

Dr. Holterman Research work

Mark Holterman, efforts for the past 29 years has been channeled towards career building as well as the commitment to research work as a medical practitioner. His efforts have earned him various awards key among them the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA), Innovative Research Award. ADA has been operational for close to 60 years supporting research efforts aimed at looking at diabetes issues. The association does this through grant funding together with a committed team of research programmers efforts such as the Core Research Program. The program rewards researchers whose efforts will impact one on diabetes etiology initiatives and those that investigate the effects diabetes etiology on treatment methods. Furthermore, researchers who apply their own theories in clinical settings using humans as subjects get rewarded with up to $200,000 every year for three years. Visit to view Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile.

Vietnam Efforts

In his efforts and research in pediatrics, Dr. Mark Holterman supports the improvement of pediatric medicine for Vietnam children through International Pediatric Alliance for Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). As a member, the IPSAV-VN promotes several medical personnel programs to Vietnam, as well as medical supplies and internship opportunities to Vietnamese practitioners. The scholarly efforts are aimed at helping dedicated Vietnamese medical professionals advance their knowledge and skills from medical institutions in the US. The skills and exposure they get are to be used to improve healthcare practices in their country.


Eric Lefkofsky and his work at Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is well known throughout the Greater Chicago area for being a serial entrepreneur who specializes in creating companies with high value. His major contribution is in the form of funding Tempus, a company built to address concerns and develop research into researching ways that lingo cancer develops. Eric Lefkofsky has achieved considerable success in his field and seeks to continue research and development towards a greater understanding of cancer, and steps towards identifying the environmental factors behind lung cancer.

There are currently 29 employees at Tempus working on progressing the field of cancer research. Many of them have worked in high profile jobs in the past and have joined Tempus to work on important projects. Eric Lefkofsky has contributed to the field of cancer research in more than a few ways and currently donates to multiple organizations such as University of Michigan, Stanford, and his own personal fund. These contributions place Eric Lefkofsky as a well respected and key figure in the fight against cancer.

The major breakthroughs have come in the form of understanding the nature of lung cancer and identifying SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) as well as the effective costs of human genome sequencing. The knowledge base increased in the past fifteen years has contributed exponentially to the field of cancer research. Since co-founding Tempus in 2016, Erik and his staff have been able to considerably advance research in the field of lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. This has proven to be immeasurably important in the lives of people struggling with cancer. To know more about him click here.

The biggest barrier in cancer research that’s been crossed is the greater understanding of human genome sequencing and the lowered costs of developing and mapping a human genome. The costs have fallen substantially from over 100 million dollars per genome in 2003 to just under 500 dollars today. This sinking cost of genome sequencing contributes to the ongoing fight against cancer. Eric’s work has been instrumental in understanding and fighting lung cancer, and Tempus was built on that principle of improving human life.

Drew Madden: Madison’s Leading and Unrivaled Healthcare IT Expert

Drew Madden is the head of one of the most successful information technology companies in Madison and a passionate healthcare IT expert. Many describe him as being passionate about building trusted partnerships with clients and highly efficient teams. He has been quoted saying that he is most passionate about electrical records and collaborating with other industries to deal with the complex challenges that come with an EMR project.

He served as president of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. between 2011 and 2016. Due to his over-a-decade long experience, his tenure as president was characterized by success as Nordic grew from 10 to 725 employees. Its annual revenue also increased from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000. Additionally, the company’s client partners grew from 3 to 150.

Madden holds a B.S.E in industrial engineering (medical systems) from the University of Lowa. His career started officially at Cerner Corporation where he worked for four years where he implemented inpatient and clinical solutions at two major Chicago hospital systems. He then proceeded to Healthia Consulting (which was acquired in 2007 by Ingenix Consulting) in 2005 before he moved on to business development for a change. At Nordic, he dealt with business development, consulting operations, and recruiting.

He made Nordic successful by molding his consultants to be unique in the way they deliver their services. Additionally, they have always hired highly trained consultants with unique talent of creating healthy partnerships with the clients. He has described this as the ultimate recipe for their success. His success is also manifested by the fact that he has received several KLAS awards including a number 1 rank in implementation services in the years 2012 and 2014.

He left Nordic in 2016 and formed a new consulting firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Madden’s new company will obviously compete with Nordic as Madden was the brains behind the success of Nordic. Madden has commented that Evergreen’s core focus would be health records but he hopes that they will gradually expand this scope. Their goal is to encourage the team members to grow in their careers even as they partner with healthcare organizations. Other senior partners of Evergreen include Jeff Leach, Rebecca Bottorff, and Aaron Friedman.