Sahm Adrangi Capitalizes on the Alternate Investment Route

While most firms focus on creating investment funds based on a broad thesis or market trends, investor Sahm Adrangi has managed to spearhead a large fund used to bet against one stock by itself. Through Kerrisdale Capital Management, Adrangi has created a fund that could be the first of its kind that is intended to short the stock of a company that would shortly be publicly traded.

Sahm Adrangi and analyst Shane Wilson are working together to create media content that explains the new fund and aims to gather investor confidence and support. Though the company could not be named at the time of the report, Kerrisdale Capital has already begun the process of buying up stock and establishing its position. Adrangi states that the company is worth over $10 billion and that the created fund reflects the success of insights that have been stressed to others.

Kerrisdale Capital Management has a history of accomplishments related to betting against companies as an alternative. The firm currently manages approximately $500 million in funds, making it relatively small compared to its peers. However, it has shown consistent returns over the years and in different markets through a combination of investments related the main hedge fund.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the university and entered the financial field shortly after, first working in the industry. Adrangi worked at Deustche Bank and managed loan financing. He also partnered with Chanin Capital Partners to oversee restructuring settlements and serving a credit advisory role for bankruptcy cases, in addition to spending several years at the Longacre Management hedge fund.

Adrangi’s experience in distressed funds and investment banking has made him a popular speaker at events. He has offered insight and knowledge by speaking at numerous conferences that include Traders 4 a Cause, the Sohn Conference, and the Distressed Debt Investing Conference. Sahm Adrangi has been invited onto different news programs to share his expertise through organizations such as Bloomberg and CNBC. Also transforming his experience into writing, Adrangi has contributed article to different news publications.

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