Samuel Strauch’s Holistic Life And Courageous Career Path

Samuel Strauch is current principal at Metrik Holdings. He is an alumnus of Hofstra University in New York with a bachelor in business. Samuel is also a former student of Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He began his career as in the banking field and later shifted to the real estate sector.

He diverged into the independent route in 2002 when he started his firm, Metrik Holdings. Metrik Holdings provides funding to projects in the real estate and hospitality industries of Panama and Florida. They keenly analyze each project’s income generating potential, execution, and their exit strategy before signing a deal with the customer in question. Specifically, Metrik has provided capital for new structures, lands, property restoration and commercial and residential structures.

When Samuel Strauch relocated to South Florida Miami, he realized an opportunity that could generate income and contribute towards the rapid changes in the real estate business in the region, which is the transformation of the town from a vacation destination to a business location with the enactment of more commercial properties. Samuel Strauch united interested investors from around the world and recruited a team of competitive real estate professionals who create and implement unique ideas effectually. Samuel Strauch does not believe in clocking in a nine to five job that one is not passionate to perform. He values authenticity and applies it to all the facets of his business. Samuel Strauch believes that the current times are perfect for creating and selling ideas, stating that there are millions of opportunities in the real estate market for retired professionals.

Apart from his real estate inclination, Samuel frequently invests in other industries, such as technology and hospitality. He is an avid user of the apps GoToMeeting, DropBox and Pivotal Tracker, explaining that they allow him to work from any location without much hustle. In his free time, Samuel Strauch enjoys arts and photography.

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