Sentient AI Can Increase Conversion Rate Optimization

When you go online to search a product or even to buy a product, you usually return to your computer at a later date to see that similar products to the ones you have either searched or bought in the past have been suggested for you so that you will buy them in the future. This is because of algorithms that humans have created. Their basic assumptions are that if you’ve bought something in the past you are more likely to buy it again in the future. But, as with all things, this human algorithm is flawed mainly because not all humans are the same. This is where the idea of sentient artificial intelligence comes in. Sentient AI has been used for many tasks in the world of e-commerce but one of its most interesting applications is that of conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization is the idea that online retailers want to maximize the number of not only people who visit their website but the number of people who buy something off of their website. Sentient AI has the ability to learn each individual person as opposed to applying blanket algorithms that may or may not apply to the user. It has the ability to learn from specific previous purchases of a user and then suggests websites or specific products for them to search for or purchase in the future. The higher percentage of people who interact with a website the higher chance that something will be purchased on that website and thus the profits of that website increase over time. The are many advantages to utilizing sentient AI for conversion rate optimization especially if you are a small online business that is just starting out. As with all companies in their infancy, it is unlikely that a new online business can staff many people to be dedicated to finding the right audience who is in the market for your type of products. By making the one time purchase of a sentient AI conversion rate optimization program, a business would be able to “employ” the technology around the clock with little to no maintenance. As profits grow, the online retailer can then expand and hire more personnel to further expand the company. There are certainly still some bugs to work out but the day is coming closer where artificial intelligence is able to revolutionize the way the world does business online.

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