Southridge Capital – A Financial Services Powerhouse

Southridge Capital is a firm which focuses on offering consultative and structured finance for public corporations. The firm is focused on assisting its wide range of clients to meet their needs through a spectrum of innovative financial solution. Through Southridge wide array of innovative financial solutions, many groups of clients have been able to meet their objectives. All this is made possible by the firm’s executive team which has a concrete understanding of the marketplace. The team is comprised of professionals committed to working tirelessly to execute financial plans for the clients.




Southridge has a total of $1.8 billion in direct investment in growing businesses world over, since 1996. To date, the firm has financed over 250 companies. This has made it have a concrete understanding and vast expertise to consult on various issues touching on corporates. The firm also is experienced in both public and personalized company financing techniques and also is an expert in optimized balance sheet management.




Top on the realm of Southridge company management is its founder and CEO, Stephen M. Hicks, Narine Persaud the Controller and CFO, Laurence J. Ditkoff, CFA, CPA who is the firm’s director of research, Henry B. Sargent, JD, CFA, who is the COO and also double up as the company’s general counsel and finally, Linda Carlsen who sits in the portfolio management team. Checkout their facebook page for more details.




About Southridge




The Connecticut based company has since its inception provided securities brokerage services as well as investment banking small and middle-class companies. From 1996 to today, it has invested more than $1.8 in direct investment, thanks to its CEO Stephen Hicks who set the ball rolling through offering strategic direction for the firm.




Over the years that Southridge Capital has been in existence, it is alive to social responsibility and has demonstrated this through participating in both formal and informal philanthropy. It also promotes charity work and community leadership as a way of improving and strengthening not only the firm but also to have a good reputation and positively impacting the larger society.




As part of its achievements, in 2012 the firm’s partners signed an equity purchasing contract with the eLayaway, Inc, which is the mother company of DivyTech, Inc. The firm played a role in making available capital worth $1.7 billion in the US, Asia, UK and many parts of the world. To see more you can checkout



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