Susan McGalla Represents Women in Leadership

Companies embracing both gender or ethnic diversity are witnessed to outperform. The varied ideas and multiple perspectives in the business contribute to companies’ growth. However, statistics indicate that only small fraction of C-Level jobs in S&P 500 corporations has women leaders.

Most women work hard to reach executive positions within institutions. However, others like Susan McGalla are among the lucky women leaders. Her upbringing contributed to her success. Susan was taught to work for what she desired. Being the only girl in her family was not an option to get what she wanted, but had to struggle harder to attain it. These are lessons Susan embrace to date, and have helped her succeed in life in achieving several executive positions.

McGalla climbed the ranks of leadership in the American Eagle Outfitters. During her enrollment in the company, all high-level positions were held by men. Before she left the company, she was the then president. Susan established the P3 Executive Consulting where she serves as the business strategy and creative development vice president for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Some women are not lucky to have the kind of opportunities encountered by Susan McGalla. However, numerous initiatives provide platforms for women to address their professional challenges and learn new business trends. They enable women to connect with others in their industry as well as offer strategies for them to plan their business.

These women networks have been supporting and connecting women. They work to prove that women are as capable as men and can as well perform and earn a high level position in any institution. However, these initiatives have not managed to address the resistance to change in women leadership. There is need to examine and identify the real solutions to increasing women leaders.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla, an expert in consultant in marketing, branding, talent management, holds a degree in BA from Mount Union College. She started her career at Joseph Horne Company before joining American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. in 1994. Susan held several management positions in the company where she later got promoted to the chief merchandising officer and the president positions.

The American businesswoman is a board member at HFF Inc. a company that offers viable real estate services. Susan is the University of Pittsburgh former trustee. She works at the Allegheny Conference on Community Development in the capacity of a director.

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