The Illustrious Career of Pete Briger.

Over the years, Pete Briger has built a reputable career in the investments and finance sector. He is recognized as a skillful leader and a devoted professional. Pete spent over a decade working for Goldman Sachs & Co, and he managed to become a partner in 1996. During his time with the banking firm, Pete was lucky to lead and hold several executive positions including co-chair of the Asian Distressed Debt Business, the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business, the Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business, the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, and the Special Opportunities Fund. He also sat on various committees including the Japan Executive Committee, the Asian Management Committee, and the Global control and Compliance Committee. Currently, Pete Briger works for Fortress Investment Group LLC, an investment management company with offices in New York, as a principal and co-chairperson of the board of directors.

Pete joined the firm in 2002 and immediately became a member of the management team after forming the Fortress Credit Business. The enterprise has more than 300 employees and primarily focuses on illiquid and distressed credit investments and undervalued assets.Fortress LLC has built a reputation as a trusted investment manager. The company has a vast client base and manages assets valued at approximately $43.6 billion. Its clients include private groups, corporate officials, and other financial institutions. With offices and other partners across the globe, the firm is responsible for assets of over 1,750 organizations and institutions around the world. Fortress group has been in operations for over a decade now and has gained tremendous experience in offering management services in matters private capital and real estate investment programs.

Pete Briger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s of Business Administration from the Princeton University and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania respectively. Apart from his busy schedule at Fortress Investment, Pete is involved in several initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship at his Alma Mater and also supports the Central Park Conservancy. Together with three other alumni’s from Princeton, they set up the Princeton Investment Company, a fund that helps all alumni with business ideas and financial capital. Pete and his partners in the initiative want to build and instill an entrepreneurial mindset to all students who pass through the university. They also have the Princeton Advisory Committee that is tasked with promoting and guiding all upcoming business persons.