Upwork: Using a To-Do List

The Internet has made many things possible. You can now make money from anywhere in the world very easily if you know where to look. One website, in particular, has become a leader in the industry of freelancing. Upwork is a website that serves as a platform for businesses and independent professionals to meet together and develop a business relationship. The company itself is based in California and has 12 million registered professional freelancers and has typically around 3 million jobs posted annually for a combined total of around $1 billion.

Upwork also has a blog where they regularly publish posts about productivity and how to make the most of their platform. Recently they published some tips on how to best use your to-do list. Almost anyone knows the advantages of using a to-do list however it is all too common to sit down and write one out and then completely ignore it. There are several tips that you can take advantage of to utilize your to-do list better.

One of the most important is that whenever you are sitting down to write out a to-do list is right absolutely everything down. If you miss something, while you are focusing on doing other tasks you will continually have other things pop up in your head. If you are able to put everything down on paper, you will no longer have these ideas distracting.

Another thing that you are able to do in order to utilize your to-do list better is to prepare it in advance. Instead of sitting down first thing in the morning and writing your to-do list for the day it may serve you better to write it the night before.

You should also make sure to keep all of your to-do list items stored in one location. This will help you to organize your thoughts better. Additionally, it is important to set time parameters around your to-do list items. This can help you to better manage the time that you have. Also, with the items on your to-do list, you should set forth priorities and take care of the most important things first.


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