Vijay Eswaran On How to Change Your Life

Why do people shy away from change? Why do they stay in their comfort zones and refuse to change themselves or change their lives for the better?

According to life coach Vijay Eswaran, it is all because people are afraid of the unknown. The fear of what we do not know is the greatest fear of all. It causes us to stay within our comfort zones and clutch on to our metaphorical security blankets.

However, says Vijay Eswaran, in life you will only be faced with two choices. The first choice is to submit to the fear. This means that you will never do anything that you are not comfortable doing. It also means that you will never do something that you have not done before. This means that your life will remain at a standstill. We have all seen the people who never change. These are the people who do not accomplish much in their lives. They are afraid of change and so do not do anything to improve their life situation.

However, says Vijay Eswaran, you can take the other path as well. The other path is recognizing that we all have to change. This means that you have to look at your fear of the unknown a different way. One different way of looking at things is simply to see new things as an adventure, not something to be afraid of. This is a good way to convert your negative energy of fear into the positive energy of excitement. Once you learn how to do that, you can overcome anything.

Of course, some things are not meant to change. You are not supposed to change your morals and your good values in life. What is good and what is bad will never change. There will always be a separation between them.

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