Vinod Gupta, Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons

Vinod Gupta is known to many as a successful entrepreneur. He is the managing general partner at Everest Group. He was born in India in a village that had no electricity, toilets or running water. Determined to prosper in life, he worked hard at his studies. Vinod Gupta received his first degree in B. Tech and was invited to graduate studies and graduate assistant at University of Nebraska, Lincoln.


Vinod Gupta first trip to the land of opportunities, USA was on borrowed money. To travel to the US, his family had to borrow money. All he had with him on arrival was a suitcase carrying all his belongings and 58 dollars in his wallet. After successfully finishing his graduate studies he stayed on for two years working on his Masters Degree in Business Administration. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.


His first job after school was working as a market research analyst at Commodore Corporation, a company that manufactured mobile homes. His job involved keeping tabs on the performance of rival companies. This could only be done effectively by collecting information from customers. Vinod Gupta decided to get the contacts for every mobile home dealer. He quickly learnt that getting information is no easy task. He also realized that the information acquired could quickly become obsolete.


To solve his problem, Vinod Gupta and his boss decided to get the information they needed from yellow pages. They bought 4,800 copies of yellow pages and arranged them state by state. When they finished getting all the info they needed, Gupta gave Commodore Corporation an option of buying the list of getting it for free and allowing Vinod Gupta and his boss to sell the list its competitors.


Commodore Corporation opted to have the list for free. This was the start of Vinod Gupta’s enterprise. Today, Vinod Gupta gleans information that is useful for sales and sells them to companies looking for leads. Gupta would soon launch his own career leaving Commodore and creating Business Research Services & American Business Lists (ABI). Vinod Gupta had a philosophy of focusing on customer needs. He offered excellent solutions and top-notch service. Vinod continued to expand by adding other businesses to his company.


Vinod Gupta’s company evolved into info Free, a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is a popular marketing tool across the globe.


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