What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo has been designed to give a whole new outlook to the way that children are learning within their classrooms. There are many different things that parents and teachers, alike, are able to get from this online app. A teacher is able to use this app to create an online classroom that helps to include the students and the parents to encourage a healthy learning experience at home and in the classroom. Teachers are able to share with the parents, using this app, things that the students are doing so that parents feel that they, too, are involved in the schooling of their child, while they still maintain their work schedule during the week. A teacher can do this by the means of taking pictures of the children working on certain projects for parents to see as well as keep in communication on a day to day basis. ClassDojo also makes the learning fun by offering the students a chance to earn what is called “Dojo Points“. This will also help to encourage a classroom that will be of a positive setting for the children to learn in. Depending on the points earned, the teacher will then have a system as to how they want to reward the students for the hard work and effort, to earn them during the day. ClassDojo is now widely known throughout the United States in Kindergarten through 8th grade and can be found as a tool in around 180 other countries. ClassDojo has also been created to fit language barriers, with the ability to be used in over 35 different languages. ClassDojo has really helped to enhance the learning experience with many children and has helped to mix education with the fun technology kids love.


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